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The services provided by Meyers & Associates are based on the increasingly complex process of dealing with the federal government. Both the bureaucracy and members of Congress need accurate information and expertise. Clients need an understanding of the Washington process, the information and business contacts that Washington can provide, and a strategy for working with the government. Meyers & Associates helps to answer these needs by building on its years of experience with a very sincere goal of making the process work for all parties involved.


Beyond the effort of helping answer the needs of both government and client, is the necessity to perform that service with a keen eye on today's ethical requirements. Meyers & Associates keeps up with any changes in reporting requirements and is in full compliance with all federal requirements. The rule at Meyers & Associates is not only compliance with the letter of the law, but also a higher standard regarding the public appearance of our activities. Meyers & Associates seeks a long-term relationship with both its clients and its contacts in Washington.




To be successful in capitalizing upon the opportunities and meeting the challenges presented by Washington, it is advantageous to have Washington representation that supplies experience and national contacts.


Meyers & Associates has established relationships in both political parties. A sound working relationship with both Republicans and Democrats is important to be effective in Washington. Many issues can only be resolved by bringing these branches of government together through an intermediary such as Meyers & Associates. Meyers & Associates carries the client's message to the relevant government officials and members of Congress. 


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