In over 34 years of Washington experience as a firm, Meyers & Associates has:
$40 million  Rural Enterprise Zone designation


Coordinated the lobbying effort that resulted in a client being named the recipient of a $40 million rural Enterprise Zone designation

Creation of Healthcare Policy


Assisted in the creation and management of a successful national association to represent medical doctors for their activities in Washington, D.C.

Helping Cities In Their Dealings With The Federal Government


Successfully assisted two cities in protecting their military facilities during the last three BRAC rounds

Successfully Negotiated With The FDA


Initiated and led a 13 month negotiated rule-making procedure at the Food and Drug Administration.  This undertaking resulted in industry self-regulation to the satisfaction of both FDA and the affected  industry while avoiding damaging publicity during the process for either FDA or the client

Guarded Against Damaging Federal Legislation


Coordinated the lobbying effort for a coalition of national and Fortune 500 companies in order to  successfully defeat a major legislative effort targeted to weaken intellectual property rights for the  industry

Continued Involvement In Farm Bills


Been involved in every farm bill since 1981

Federal Funding For Cities And Universities


Successfully obtained federal funding for a $25 million biotechnology facility located at a major university system

Federal Research Funding


Coordinated the legislative effort resulting in over $65 million a year in research funding for the  same university system

Draft Legislation


Drafted legislation and led a lobbying effort resulting in over $10 million for rehabilitation of irrigation systems in south Texas

Affect Legislation Harmful to Business And Industry


Helped establish and chaired the first industry-wide coalition for the 1992 reform of the Endangered  Species Act

$35 Million Dollar Environmental Restoration And Channelization


Drafted legislation and led a lobbying effort for the City of Corpus Christi resulting in the successful
completion of a $35 million environmental restoration and channelization project

Continuing To Help Clients With Developing and Passage Of Legislation


Repeatedly led clients in the development and passage of federal legislation